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Dja-Wonmuruk is an official stallholder at Zinda Multicultural Festival 2023!

Join us at Zinda Festival on 7 October 2023, from 11am to 4pm, at the Garden for the Future in White Hills, VIC, 3556.

Immerse yourself in a day of multicultural music, food, and art as we celebrate one of the largest multicultural events ever held in Bendigo's growing and diverse region. 

Zinda Festival is an immersive experience of music, food, and art. Zinda is a celebration of unity and intercultural exchange. Be a part of this incredible multicultural event that showcases our region’s growing diversity - the cultures that increasingly contribute to the vibrancy of our community. 

The Dja Dja Wurrung are a major and proud sponsor of the festival. Sharlee Dunolly-Lee will be selling Dja-Wonmuruk alongside Murnong Mummas, whose products include a range of bush tucker herbs and spices. We will see you there!

Event Details:

What: Zinda Festival.
Where: Garden for the Future in White Hills, VIC, 3556.
When: 11:00am - 4:00pm.

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