ACTIONS TODAY, IMPACT TOMORROW: Indigenous Business Month.

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Highlights from this wurekka (yarn)

  • Indigenous Business Month runs from 1 - 31 October with a month of celebrations.
  • In 2022, the theme for Indigenous Business Month is: ACTIONS TODAY, IMPACT TOMORROW.
  • Indigenous Business Month as a vehicle of self-determination for Indigenous Australians.

About Indigenous Business Month

Indigenous Business Month is an initiative driven by the alumni of Melbourne Business School’s Indigenous Business Master Class Program (MURRA), who see business as a vehicle towards self-determination, a way of providing positive role models for Indigenous Australians and improving quality of life in Indigenous communities. Since its establishment in 2015, Indigenous Business Month is an annual celebration that occurs every October and 2022 marks it’s 8th year. 

This year’s theme acknowledges that the journey for many business owners is not linear, and the stories and experiences we share can play a key role in inspiring the next generation. What we say and do today in our communities could be the spark that inspires our businesses of tomorrow, increasing the impact for people, communities and Country of the future. Indigenous Businesses are a testament to the resilience, strength, advocacy and determination of First Nations people.

Self Determination

Dja-Wonmuruk Indigenous Business Owner and Entrepreneur Sharlee Dunolly-Lee reflects on Indigenous Business Month, going from an conceptualised idea to a reality in just three years.

“It’s so great to see Dja-Wonmuruk grow from a concept, to a hobby and now a small business. The growth of Dja-Wonmuruk in the past three years reflects the growth and development of the Indigenous business sector, its diversity, strength, and impact. I am proud to be able to bring the power of contribution to my family, community, and more broadly to the advancement of our people and our nation." 

As our Country’s first people, Djaara (Dja Dja Wurrung people) have an established place in society and are empowered to manage our own affairs. Our Native Title Settlement Agreement was an important milestone for Dja Dja Wurrung People. The Victorian Government now recognises us as the Traditional Owners of this Country and acknowledges the history of dispersion and dispossession that has affected our people. The agreement provides us with some legal rights – to practice culture and access and use our land and resources, to have some say in what happens on our Country. It gives us title to some of our traditional lands, including the right to have an active role in managing Country. The Settlement Agreement is an important starting point for the self-determination of Dja Dja Wurrung, and we now need to build up the structures and processes that will enable us to make the most of these rights.

Join us by taking actions now to create a greater impact tomorrow. 

Allies are encouraged to consider what actions today are impacting tomorrow, to support First Nations business success. Where governments invest and where corporates expand, impacts on supply chains. Increased collaboration with First Nations businesses supports cultural appreciation and community reciprocity. Workforce strategies can provide key development opportunities for First Nations entrepreneurs.

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