CARE FOR COUNTRY: Managing the Social, Ethical and Environmental impacts of our Supply Chain.

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Widely acclaimed for its health benefits, Sharlee's wonmuruk is highly recommended as a delightful cleansing tea.

We consider the social, ethical and environmental impacts of our supply chain, now, and into the future, by caring for country and considering murun dhelk (good health) for present and future generations. 

This means we are beginning to make environmental and sustainability considerations to our procurement process. 

Here at Dja Wonmuruk we have big dreams when it comes to sustainability. But when it comes to making big differences, like tackling climate change, deforestation and environmental waste issues, we need your help - and every purchase you can help us reach our sustainability goals.
When you choose to order with us, you’re doing your bit to help our environment, and  our future - as every order we receive will automatically be delivered carbon neutral, at no extra cost. We're committed to delivering better environmental outcomes, which is why we choose to deliver our orders with Australia Post. 
We also created a business card that's good for the planet and great for getting noticed. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, you’ll be happy to know that our business cards are eco-friendly! 

Did you know?

  • Our wonmuruk contains organic-certified green and black tea.

  • We proudly source ingredients from Indigenous growers & harvesters where the benefit flows back to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • All of our ingredients are grown naturally with a commitment to environmental management. 

  • The system involves tending the farms organically, harvesting at exactly the right time to maximize quality, handling smaller volumes ensuring the herb remains pristine, low temperature natural shade drying, hand processing on farm ensures identification, purity and continuity of presentation. For example: tender young leaves are hand-picked at the optimum time to produce a tea, delicate in flavour and sweet in aroma.

  • Our Padded Mailers can be recycled in REDcycle bins at major supermarkets, and our Australia Post Recycled Padded Mailers are 100% recyclable (please be sure to remove any external stickers). Click here to learn where to REDcycle near you.

Please be sure to wash and recycle/reuse our packaging after use.


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