Limited Edition: Rainbow Dreaming | Binbiyal Malamiya Key Rings!

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NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! Rainbow Dreaming | Binbiyal Malamiya Key Rings!

Today (April 17th) Marks the farewell of The Me and UooUoo Art Trial. To celebrate the Farewell of Sharlee Dunolly-Lee’s UooUoo, Rainbow Dreaming | Binbiyal Malamiya, Key Rings are now available for purchase on the Dja-Wonmuruk website!

Wednesday 7th April was the final day of the Me and UooUoo Art Trail; a project to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation... Today we say our final Farewells to all UooUoo, however this project has became so much more; “Me and UooUoo touched Melbourne at a time that was most needed, it brought back that community feel, it brought colour and hope back to a city that was on its knees, it got people out of their homes and exploring Melbourne (Naarm) / Geelong (Djillong) again, it created jobs to so many people, it provided purpose and excitement in 2020 when there wasn’t a lot of positive energy, it has now created memories and a legacy in Melbourne that many will remember for the rest of their lives...” Quote from @blueventproductions on Instagram

You can learn more about the Me and UooUoo Project online at, celebrating the 150th Year of Care for Melbourne’s Royal Children Hospital, and support Sharlee by purchasing a key ring! Remember, these are extremely limited edition and will not be returning, and key rings will be limited to 1 per customer.

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Details + Design inspiration:

Name: Rainbow Dreaming | Binbiyal Malamiya
Trial Location: Bourke Street Mall (Southern Side).
Sponsor: Equity Trustees
Created by: Dja Dja Wurrung Artist - Sharlee Dunolly-Lee
Rainbow Dreaming | Binbeyal Malamiya by Sharlee Dunolly-Lee features a striking design that consists of a black background with vivid and colourful shapes. This UooUoo is inspired by Sharlee’s connection to country, and her determination to pass on cultural knowledge in order to preserve and revive it by incorporating symbolism from traditional culture.


Click here to learn more about Rainbow Dreaming | Binbeyal Malamiya and Sharlee’s Sponsorship with Equity Trustees. Without them - this wouldn’t be possible!


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