Wattleseed, Aniseed Myrtle and River Mint Black Tea!

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Wattle seed, Aniseed Myrtle and River Mint Black Tea - Back in Stock!!

This wonmuruk is back and better than ever, handmade and ready to order! Wanting to know more about this tea? Keep on reading to discover the nutritional value in some of the key native ingredients...

Wykalk (Wattle seed)

  • Wattle seed is considered the unsung hero of Indigenous native foods. It has a very rich source of protein, and high concentrations of potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc.
  • Wattle seed is also a low glycemic food, which releases sugars slowly and can be used by people with diabetes to maintain blood sugar levels.

Aniseed Wumbai (Myrtle)

  • The Anise Myrtle leaf is one for the highest known sources of the compound anethole which gives it its aniseed flavour and aroma.
  • Plants containing anethole  (such as Anise Myrtle) have traditionally been used to assist with weight loss, lactation and stomach complaints. Trans-anethole rich herbs have also been used traditionally to treat conditions like anorexia, belching, hiccuping or reflux and epigastric pain.
  • It is regarded as an antiseptic, bactericide, fungicide, cancer preventative, carminative, gastro-stimulant and insecticide.

River Mint

  • Has long been used in Aboriginal culture as a flavoursome bushfood, insect repellant and medicinal herb.
  • The crushed leaves were also used to ease the effects of coughs, colds and headaches.
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